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Alyssa Deans is the owner for Fur-Ever Friends Grooming, and I am lucky to call her my business partner. Together we co-own The Dog Shoppe!

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Canine massage & bodyworks

Kendra is an amazing entrepreneur who decided to change careers and follow her passion. We are lucky to have her services at The Dog Shoppe, as well as having her part of the CW an Fur-Ever Friends staff


A small home-run business that specializes in handmade goods such as mugs, hats, dog bandanas, totes, clothing, home decor and much more! I also offer personalized designs on any of my products.

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These beautiful cards are handmade and can be purchased at The Dog Shoppe


We distribute frozen raw pet food made locally in Alberta and delivered right to your door! We are a family owned and operated business and our dogs are our resident taste testers.

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Retired teacher, life long crafter...sharing my passion for crochet makes my day.


This is what happens when two rebel potters start their own pottery studio! Sally and Sylvia opened their business in 2018 and have over 30 years of pottery experience!

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Dog Food

Excited to be able to service our hometown of Devon, along with all of Parkland County.

Original art

I am excited to create and share my art

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Amazing cleaning and personal products free of chemicals!

I love them and use them at home as well as The Dog Shoppe!

Green Refill Station

A great option on clean products right here in Devon!

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Home Decor

Jocelyn has been a continued supporter for our Oxygen Pet Mask Initiative. She is excited to share some the Scentsy Fall/Winter collection!

handmade shelving

Shaun has a love for woodworking

and explored making various shelving the last three years! Now adding honeycomb shelves...

everyone is loving it!

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The Secret Kitchen provides homemade gourmet treats and cakes for dogs and people!

Rainbow Loom

So  many options from bracelets to bookmarks to pen grips! All products can be custom made by color!

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