A little wish turning into BIG dreams


Everyone that knows me knows I have a soft spot for dogs and firefighters...So when I was looking for a way to give back this initiative was perfect.  It quickly became my mission to see if these kits were needed and create a dream team to make it happen!

I am lucky enough to co-own The Dog Shoppe located in the Devon Industrial Park which is also home to Fur-Ever Friends Grooming.  When I pitched my idea to Alyssa CEO/Founder of Fur-Ever Friends Grooming and my trainer Barb Nyland they were immediately on board. 


Together we decided to host a holiday photoshoot for families and their dogs.  We reached out to Courtney Rosborough Photography who eagerly agreed to donate her time and talent.


For our first photo event 50% of all proceeds were used to purchase a set of Pet Oxygen Masks for the Devon Fire Department. Not only are these masks reusable, but extra parts can be ordered as needed.


On January 8, 2019 we presented the Devon Fire Department with their new Oxygen Pet Mask Kit!


Once we donated our first kit our dream got bigger…let’s stock all of our clients local Fire Departments with a kit! We have a lot of clients… and a pretty big reach! We may end up stocking all of Alberta!

In February The Dog Shoppe was approached by Jocelyn Wetterburg – an Independent Scentsy Consultant.  She donated 20% off all of her Scentsy sales to our Oxygen Pet Mask Initiative.  By the end of the month we had another $100 towards our goal.


We kept the ball rolling with an Easter Photoshoot Event in the spring.  The same dream team worked together, and we raised another $150.00


The Dog Shoppe now has three vendors that donate some of their profits to Our Initiative.  A BIG THANK YOU to Ankh Jewellery, Mainstreet Mud & DD Cards.


In September we finally had The Dog Shoppe complete and were ready to host or Official Grand Opening.  We reached out to local business for door prizes.  Along with prizes from The Dog Shoppe we also received donations from Devon Home Hardware, Florida Pizza, Mike & Delores Reid, Jocelyn Wetterburg with Scentsy and Corrine Silworsky with Massage Therapy & Holistic Center.  All proceeds from our BBQ and draw prize ticket saleswent to the Oxygen Pet Mask Kit Initiative.  We raised $767.00!


 Our Final fundraiser came this November for our Second Annual Holiday Pictures with your Pup!  We decided this year to spit the donations 50/50 between our Oxygen Pet Mask Infinitive and the Devon Christmas Elves.  We raised $440.00!  The Devon Christmas Elves with a cheque for $220 and the other $220 will go towards the purchase of another kit! 

Our dream team Courtney Rosborough, Alyssa Deans, Christine Wales & Barb Nyland.


On December 15th, 2019 our dream team presented Kammi Rosentreter of The Devon Christmas Elves with two cheques totalling $220.00

Fire Hall Donations

Devon Fire Department - 1 Kit

When I approached the Devon Fire Department to see if there was a need/want for these kits I got two thumbs up. They have an old kit, that was in desperate need of replacement. 

Our dream team consists of Barb Nyland, Alyssa Deans, Christine Wales & Courtney Rosborough.


On January 8, 2019 our dream team presented Chief Main of the Devon Fire Department with their new Oxygen Pet Mask Kit! 


Sturgeon County Fire Department - 8 Kits

In October I approached the Sturgeon County Fire Department.  After talking to their Fire Chief, he assessed that eight kits would cover their needs. Theses kits would stock Legal, Calahoo, Namao, Gibbons, Redwater, Bon Accord and two kits in Morinville.  He also came up with $500 to help pay for some of his kits.  This is amazing as it now allows us to help more Fire Departments.

 Barb Nyland, Christine Wales, Diesel, John Dugas, Bailey, Alyssa Deans, Mia and Sheila Peterson 

centred between members of the Sturgeon County Fire Department


On December 18, 2019 Our Dream Team presented this amazing crew with eight Oxygen Pet Mask Kits! 

Stay tuned for our next Fire Hall Donation Location!

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