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Devon Socials

offered at The Dog Shoppe

36 Exploration Drive, Devon Business Park

A great way to work on socialization with your dog. This class is NOT open to the public unless your dog is UNDER 6 months old and pre-registered. Puppies under 6 months can attend 10 days after thier second set of vaccinations) Once your puppy is over six months old they must graduate from The Basics to continue attending Socials. Socials for now now also open for the TWO-legged! (no children under 16) Please arrive at least 10 minutes PRIOR to your Social. Walk them around the neighbourhood. This will give your pup the chance to get out their jitters as well as relieve themselves before coming in The doors will be LOCKED once we start and will NOT opened until the Social is finished. IF YOU ARE LATE YOU WILL NOT BE LET IN How it will work: We will open our door and you can come in with your dog and attach them to a hook You then have THREE* choices: 1. Stay and walk around the Shoppe with the dogs (you will have to walk the entire 30 minutes) 2. Stay & watch from the mezzanine. 3. Drop off and enjoy 30 minutes of puppy free time *A few times a year we will be hosting "Confidence with the Crew!" This will be a dog ONLY social. When socials are over we will open the door and you can come collect your pup from the same hook. Buy a five pass VIP (Very Important Pup) Pass for $50 or $10.50 per Social

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