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About Me


I was born with a love for dogs, it must be in my genes.  My first word was "dog" and growing up I was the kid that would rather be sitting with a dog then playing with friends or dolls.   Although allergies in my household stopped me from having my own dog, it didn't stop me from loving everyone else's.  I read every single dog and animal book I could get my hands on.  As I grew up I became the resident dog walker and dog sitter.  Most of the time I thought it was funny when I got paid to do this.  I would have done it for free, just to hang out with their dogs!

Fast forward to my twenty fifth birthday!  I actually cried because I was so disappointed I hadn't reached my goal of being settled enough, to own my own dog.  It took another three years to finally reach that goal...and I can't even describe the overwhelming emotion I had bringing my new pup home.   

It took me a long time to find a trainer that I believed in, who taught without treats or clickers.  I met Steve from Perfect Place Kennels the fall of 2009, and enthusiastically joined his training team. In 2014 I decided it was time to start my own dog training company. In early 2015 I started CW Canine Consulting.

Later that year I fulfilled a lifelong dream and flew to California to attend Cesar Millan’s Fundamental 1 Class at The Dog Psychology Center.  I brought Leo with me as well as Courtney, one of my best friends. Leo and I completed Cesar's Fundamentals 1 Class at the Dog Psychology Centre.  It was an amazing experience and my goal is to go back for Fundamentals 2!

Every year I try to take a class or workshop that I believe will help me become a better trainer.  


In 2017 I had the opportunity to train with Kyra Sundance and become a Certified Dog Trick Instructor.  Kyra is an amazing Dog Trick Trainer and has written numerous books in the Do More with Your Dog Series.  I have every one of her books and have recommended them to many clients over the years when they are looking for fun things to do with their pups.  Now I offer a Trick Class in both locations. Between teaching the tricks I teach the dogs how to use different pieces of agility equipment. 


The summer of 2017 was a huge turning point for my business.  I accepted the contract to become the exclusive training company for Mr. Pet’s in St. Albert.  I had years of history working in this location and had a great relationship with the manager and staff.  I was super excited to get this contract and make it my own. Since I took over I have added five more classes to their training sessions.

Later that summer, with the support of my family I made the huge decision to quit my job after 18 years and pursue my dream.  This was overwhelmingly hard, but I knew it’s what I had to do.  


In early 2018 I planned a trip to Utah to work with Heather Beck and participate in her Dealing with Difficult Dogs 3D workshop.  A week before leaving I had an exciting and overwhelming opportunity present itself.  After three days of number crunching (not sleeping) and having my mind work in overdrive I went into partnership with one of my trainers.  Together Alyssa Deans and I secured our very own training space in Devon. 

Once in Utah I shadowed Heather Beck for two days prior to the workshop.  It was really amazing to see how she ran her training center and how important dog socialization was.  Jason Vasconi also joined the workshop lineup, so I was able to work with two amazing trainers, not to mention all the amazing staff at K9 Lifeline.  I was very interested in learning how to offer group socialization classes. Heather runs them at her indoor facilities while Jason specialises in large field socialization.  It was a very interesting workshop and I learned lots of new skills.


I could barely contain my excitement coming home, as I now had a spot to start my own Socials.  After weeks of grueling sessions of cleaning and painting The Dog Shoppe was born. Now home of CW Canine Consulting and Fur-Ever Friends Grooming (opening in the fall of 2019)

Putting everything I learned into practice I started offering Socials for my clients in the summer of 2018 at The Dog Shoppe in Devon.  These classes are a wonderful addition to my class lineup. Socialization is such an important aspect of a well-balanced dog. It’s so satisfying when I can help a timid pup turn into a confident dog.


With the help of family and friends we underwent another renovation in the fall of 2018 and we added a mezzanine to the Shoppe. This allows more room for training and socials as well as amazing viewing space from up above.


The Dog Shoppe Grand Opening was September 7, 2019. 

We are now your one stop Shoppe for

Grooming ~ Socializing ~ Training


This Fall has started off crazy busy... getting the final touches of the Shoppe ready for our big Grand Opening Day, hernia surgery and working with Turid Rugass!  


As part of my mission to continue learning I attended a wonderful workshop a few days after my surgery.  I was so worried I wouldn't be able to go, but thanks to my husband and mother in law I was able to rest enough through the week to make the workshop.  This lady did not disappoint, she has been training dogs for over 45 years and had tons of tips, tricks and lessons to share.  At 81 years young she has inspired me to try some new things...stay tuned! 

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