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Revive & Thrive Canine Massage and Bodyworks

Kendra Kenefick - Canine Massage and Bodyworks

Revive & Thrive Canine Massage and Bodyworks

I’ve loved dogs as long as I can remember. From adventures on the farm with Smokey, to Gus and Howie now, and every dog I’ve had and met in between -it hasn’t changed!

When I brought Howie home I quickly realized I was in over my head! Christine from CW Canine Consulting has not only helped me with my boys, but instilled confidence in me, inspired and encouraged me to learn more about them and different ways I can help more than just my own dogs to live their best lives! She ignited a passion in me for working with dogs! Had I not met her, I would not be on this path!

While becoming certified I’ve been incredibly lucky to also have unwavering support from Canine Social House , who welcomed me into their space each weekend, and not only filled those days with dogs to massage but put my mind at ease that my boys were in good hands when I couldn’t be with them! Those weekends enabled me to complete my certification much faster than I ever could have on my own!

To everyone who went and continues to go out of their way to make time for me to work on their dogs, I am incredibly grateful for each and every one of you!❤️🐕


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