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The Dog Shoppe Shop

Doghook $42.00
A great dog leash hitch you can mount anywhere :)
Tricky Treat Ball $11.55 - $19.95
An interactive ball that challenges your pup to get the kibble out :)

Available in small, medium and large
Sneaky Squirrels $15.75
A fun pack of 3 squeaky squirrels!
Holl-ee Roller $6.30 - $18.90
A fun toy you can fill to challenge your pup.

Available in mini, small, medium, large, jumbo and extreme!
Bristly $21.00 - $29.40
A great teeth cleaning toy.

Available in small, medium, large and extreme.
Treat Bones $18.90 - $31.50
A fun interactive toy with two different places to hide treats.

Available in small, medium and large.
Poo Poo Bags $10.50
16 fun biodegradable poo bags!
Fun Feeders $18.90 - $26.25
Slow your dogs down when they eat!

Large & Small sizes available.
Peartree Starter Kit $10.50
Take your pups pawprint and send it away to Peartree to have it customized and fired.

Prices range from $60 - $120 depending on your customization.

Price includes GST
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